At SCC – Ideal Design, we progressively play an important role here, our capabilities. We are strategist and dreamers who seek to unleash the power of desire by linking ideas, innovative products, packaging, our know-how and your expectations in harmony. We had established a reputation on behalf of some of the most recognizable brands that you have seen. In addition to bottles, containers and tubes, we offer a complete range of in-house specialty decorating and finishing capabilities, and we deliver everything with dependable service, shortest lead times, on-time delivery to you.

We dare to imagine the best product, packaging, scenario, providing you an appropriate marketing support and personal attention to help the most promising private enterprise grow regardless big or small, new start-up salon, spas, at the retail level or your personal gifts for someone whom you like to share, and then take pleasure in delivering that dream. We tailor our process specifically to meet or exceed your needs while adding the right combination of research, analysis, strategy and design to achieve the greatest results. This drives to exceed expectations in every project and gives you significant edge over your competition.

. A One-stop Shopping Solution For Complete Packaging For Your Special Needs….

(Creatively Design For You)


  • Brand/Logo
  • Commercial Printing & Stationery
  • Print Advertising Materials
  • Brand Signage
  • Product Packaging
  • Silkscreen Printing